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Lab Use Charges

Do you want to be the one running your assays in a molecular biology while perfecting your pipetting skills and all? With just ₦ 15,000 only, you can have access to the equipment and facility at Biologix . Read more

Genetic Screening for Sickle Cell Disease

You, your partner and even your child can be tested at Biologix Support services. In our laboratory, we employ molecular method (DNA analysis) in our sickle cell screening for newborns. The screening is carried out by well-trained molecular biologist with expertise in sickle cell anaemia. We guarantee quick and professional service with test report to complement other routine tests (complete blood count, Hb solubility and Hb electrophoresis) carried out in our local hospitals. For more information about sickle cell disease and why genetic test is the most appropriate test for sickle cell anaemia, Download our Flier

To send samples to our laboratory, Download our request form below fill it, and include it in the sample package you are sending to our lab.

Training and capacity building in molecular biology

Our calendar for training and capacity building in molecular biology techniques for the 21st Century scientists is out. We have also taking this year’s training further by including “Protein Basics”. In addition, we have also included cost concessions for individuals and groups. For more details on all trainings, instructors, concessions Read More and Download our flier for “DNA Basics and Bioinformatics” training that is scheduled for March

DNA summer camp

This year’s DNA summer camp promises to be more fantastic. Last year’s summer camp covered a wide range of topics including forensics, synthetic biology, the making of an entrepreneur. These year’s camp will cover the whole of last year’s topic, hands-on plus a whole lot more. Part of what we are including this year is an expedition to General Electric Garage where campers can interact with GE trained Nigerian entrepreneurs, 3D-printing machines and many more Find out more

pipette management

Biologix is the pioneer of pipette management services in Nigeria. Our facility is fully equipped with state of the art calibration equipment and the most up-to-date PICASO pipette calibration software designed to manage thousands of pipettes

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To provide professional and sustainable support for the emerging biotechnology industry in Nigeria.