Biologix Kiddies/Teens Training

BiologiX Introduces the most exciting Kiddies training for every young child and Teenagers for the year 2023.

To spur creativity among these bright minds, we have designed the learning experience not only to engage and educate them but to show them the fun and amazing world of genetics and science. The unique and interactive program is perfect for kids who love science and what to learn more about how our bodies work.

Throughout this training, Your child/ward will have the opportunity to explore the building blocks of life and discover the secrets hidden within their own DNA.  They will also learn other exciting things about life science; We have two (2) kiddies training packages coming up:

    • The Curiosity Lab Fiesta that is set to bring to life class lessons for a better understanding of the science of life around us. Learning about DNA, the process of water filtration, the chemistry of flavour and fragrances and many more exciting topics alongside various hands-on experiences forms the highlight of the training. The training will be brought to the doorstep of every school sparking innovative ways of learning to awaken the creativity locked up in every child. Read More >
  • DNA Summer camp will feature exciting topics and hands-on experiments such as Kids learning to extract their DNA, understanding and viewing the basic structural and functional unit of life and more science topics taught in classes will be brought to reality on the bench in the most fascinating way. Read More >

These training are led by expert and seasoned instructors with a passion for science education. The training promises to be an unforgettable experience for your child as your child/ward will leave with a newfound understanding and appreciation for the world of science

Don’t miss out on this fun-filled learning experience for your child

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