Curiousity Lab Fiesta

Biologix Support Services in partnership with MERCK brings you a STEM science training program to ignite your passion for molecular biology and biotechnology. With a scarcity of life science expertise and equipment in Nigeria, we’re committed to building skills and capacity in the biosciences and ensuring the next generation of scientists thrive.

The Curiosity Lab Fiesta is an exciting opportunity for students to engage in hands-on workshops, short classes, quizzes, competitions, and various exercises in the molecular laboratory. Our scientists are trained and equipped to deliver full science lessons developed in collaboration with Washington University in St. Louis. Students will dive into the world of science with the exciting lessons that covers a wide range of topics, including biologic therapies, flavors and fragrances, DNA, water filtration, chemiluminescence, graphene, soil microbiome, and germ detection.

Each lesson is packed with interactive modules designed to be hands-on and engaging to young minds. From learning how science combats diseases to creating your own fragrance and understanding the structure and function of DNA, we cover it all. We’ll explore the importance of fresh water and even create our own water filters. Discover the definition and function of graphene, learn about soil microbiome, and explore germ transmission and its effects. We provide all materials and equipment necessary for the lessons, targeting kids and teens between the ages 8 and 13.

By exposing students to applicable laboratory processes, we hope to spark their imagination, analytical skills, and critical reasoning abilities. Our goal is to inspire stellar innovations in the field of life sciences and positively impact society. Join us as we train participants on vital science techniques and expand their scope of inquiry. Together, we can build a brighter future for science in Nigeria.

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