Previous Biotechnology Training at Biologix

Since 2014, when Biologix hosted our first training session at the University of Lagos Department of Cell Biology and Genetics, we have come a long way in supporting the life science space.

Over the years, Biologix has provided training in several areas including; molecular biology, genetics, and cell biology. Training opportunities have been made available to kids, teenagers, early career scientists, researchers, and industry professionals from diverse institutions. Capacity building offered by Biologix has taken different forms ranging from public events to personalized, one-on-one support and training for researchers.

In 2019, Biologix held the first “DNA Summer Camp” training targeted at exposing students between the ages of nine and sixteen (9 -16) years to the basics of life sciences and engaging their ability to imagine, analyze and evaluate information via critical reasoning. The highlight of the training was the hands-on DNA extraction with homemade materials.

Recently, Biologix partnered with the Bank of Industry and International partner; MERCK to offer a tailored program to early career scientists and industry experts. This program equipped early career scientists and industry professionals with the latest knowledge, tools, and techniques to be at the forefront of research and innovation. This training hosted international facilitators and was intense covering; Genomics, proteomics, Bio-informatics, Sequencing and Cell culture.

Through these training programs, we hope to fulfill our mission and vision, which is to provide sustainable support for the biotechnology sector and Nigeria’s bioeconomy in the years to come.