Empowering the next generation in STEM

22nd to 25th August 2023


“Artificial intelligence, energy and Bioscience are promising fields where a huge impact can be made in the nearest future/this coming generation .Youths are encouraged to take a leap at this early stage.”
– Bill Gates

To get ahead in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and elicit the desired creativity and innovations in science, students require real-life, hands-on, engaging learning experiences that will equip them for the demands of the 21st Century.

In most developed nations/countries, several initiatives are already ongoing to empower the youths in the ever-evolving world of Bioscience, more recently DNA analytics. The DNA is a bio-macro-molecule that can highly advance research, innovation and development in major areas such as life science research, disease diagnosis, treatment and management, agriculture-crop improvement and development and in forensic sciences to fight crime.

It is in line with our annual tradition that BiologiX presents the 3rd edition of DNA Science Summer Camp. This summer camp entails educative classes and most importantly hands-on training designed to stimulate creative thinking and build the required skillset so that students become more comfortable and better prepared for careers in the biotech industry. The activities and laboratory sessions for the summer camp are designed by locally and internationally trained Molecular Biologists (PhDs) with years of experience in research and training to graduate students and lecturers in the University of Lagos. See more about the Biologix Team

About Workshop

High school students interested in expanding their knowledge of basic genetics and cell biology will be immersed in an environment of hands on, fun filled activities and laboratory experiments.

Designed to increase genetic literacy, encourage critical and creative thinking, and spark interest in the field of life sciences and biotechnology. Learning activities include:

Constructing DNA Models

Understanding the genetic code
Microscopy: Basic Principles
Viewing and identification of Cells
DNA Isolation techniques; isolate DNA from own cells
(Cheek cells & saliva) and purify

DNA Isolation techniques

Isolate DNA from own cells (Cheek cells & saliva) and purify

Gel electrophoresis

Purification and quantitation of Genomic DNA by Agarose gel electrophoresis

Others topics include

Safety in the molecular laboratory
Basic laboratory skills Bioethics
Careers in Life Sciences
Introduction to Bioinformatics (students in final year)

Date – 22nd – 25th August 2023

Time – Ages 8-11: 9am-12pm daily

Ages 12-15: 12pm-3pm daily

Venue – Biologix laboratory, Anthony village, Lagos

Summer Camp Duration: 

Featuring: Unraveling the Genetic Code,  Cell, Bioinformatics (For High Schoolers), Flow of Genetic Information (For High Schoolers). Hands-on Sessions, Games with prizes to be won.
Cost for the camp – 60k for Individuals, 50k each for Group of 5 or more

For further information or sponsorship of participants, kindly send an email inquiry to

dnasummercamp@biologix.com.ng Or contact us on 0808-484-6534 or 0806-958-3073.