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Our training is a robust combination of theory and practicals designed specifically to empower our local scientists/technologists or even someone with a scientific background but curious enough to want the skills in molecular biology techniques. It takes the form of short but intensive courses that spans between 3 days to two weeks at the end of which you get a certificate of participation. For emphasis, we are particularly keen about the hands-on part of the training because we recognize the challenges involved in getting the requisite skills in molecular biology.

Attend DNA Basics and Bioinformatics

Registration Ongoing,First training starts March 26th — 30th, 2018


The courses will provide knowledge and skills in basic molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics, and so, it is ideal for individuals who need to carry out molecular biology work in their laboratories but lack the skills or the confidence or perhaps you are new to the field.

You should attend this course if:

  • You need to update your laboratory skills or maybe you just changed job/role
  • You are planning your PhD research or have already begun but looking to do some experiments in molecular biology.
  • You are starting a molecular-biology-based projects and you need more experience
  • You are considering a career in biotechnology and you need a crash course in molecular biology
  • You are a researcher looking to do some experiments that involve molecular biology techniques but lack the technical skills.


We will send you the course outline together with some basic materials and links to some web-based material so that you can acquaint yourself with terminologies and definitions of some of the concepts you will be exposed to during the lecture.


This part and part 3 will be done at our training centre. The part 2 is mostly lectures and at this point we hope to build on the foundation you have laid in part 1. It is also an opportunity to ask a lot of questions and get clarification on any concept that is unclear to you


This part forms the nitty-gritty of our training and it follows part 2. At this point, participants are exposed to the practical side of the lectures they have received. On the first day, they are first given a tour of our labs and equipment.


  • Accurately, safely and appropriately use all the equipment regularly used in DNA manipulation, including pipettes, electrophoresis and PCR machine.
  • Prepare chemical solution and reagents to the precision appropriate to the task
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the biochemical basis underpinning the molecular biology techniques taught in the workshop and more


  • The courses are designed to provide a guarantee of excellence in molecular biology laboratory techniques such that participants become highly competent over the course of the training.
  • Future or current employers will be assured that participants have the base of the knowledge required, and the requisite skills, needed to design and perform molecular biology experiments or techniques.

Training Courses

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